Reengineering of Citizen Security
is a project that integrates analysis, proposals and experiences to lay the path of changes in public policies needed to reduce the number of homicides


We have built a knowledge community, consisting of professionals and organizations that specialize in public security

We have built a network consisting of: experts and organizations that specialize in various areas of citizen security, who have participated in consultations, written publications with recommendations and given talks; the beneficiaries of workshops and trainings; university students, who in turn incorporate more people through their research and training activities and activism; and the general public that has attended our events.


We encourage the transformation of public security processes through the systematization of analyses, diagnoses, recommendations and proposals

Based on an integral approach to public security and focusing on the reduction of murders, we develop diagnoses, ideas and recommendations based on the systematization, processing and analysis of official and unofficial data regarding different aspects of violence in Venezuela. The analyses will be integrated to lay the groundwork for the transformation of public security, developing specific public policy proposals to reduce murders in the country.


We train justice officials and operators in process transformation management tools

We offer training to professionals in public security, with the intention of providing the tools required to increase the efficiency and quality of the processes that can lower murder rates, and facilitate an approach based on prevention and the punishment of abuses that may constitute human rights violations. We hope that the new generation of managers who lead the change will be able to incorporate the contents of the trainings into their work in public safety.


We highlight and disseminate good practices and public policy recommendations

We raise concerns about the State’s reactions to violence in Venezuela and outline the path for the transformation of public policies on citizen security through publications and documents.


We encourage public debate with the aim of influencing political actors

We advocate nationally and internationally to disseminate our findings and promote public policy recommendations and proposals that can influence decision-makers towards a comprehensive public security system.

By disseminating, at both national and regional levels, publications that integrate proposals and recommendations of public policies and good practices, Reengineering Public Security mobilizes public debate to influence decision makers towards the transformation of a comprehensive public security system that makes possible the reduction of homicides in Venezuela.